APRIL 12 - MAY 26, 2019


“IndustraSutra” is a solo show for Brad Anthony Bernard featuring paintings and metal sculptures that address commentary centered around the discontented culture of unconventional sexuality, conditional love,  promiscuity, and emotional denial in the epoch of high divorce rates, non-committal relations, and diminished inter-personal communication skills due to the Industrial Revolution and catapulted by social media addiction and the technological revolution.

The passion of industry, as it relates to production, inspires a high cultural work ethic and instills pride of nation brand as manufactured commodity.  Yet the industry of passion, as it relates to human interaction, at times denies procreativity and inspires some to conduct themselves in either an asexual or hedonistic manner which itself embraces a procreative action without the result of end product.  

Per Bernard “The labor of love is the industry of passion.